Homeopathic Doctor, Registered Naturopath & Homotoxicologist- Kent & London

Homeopathic Doctor, Registered Naturopath & Homotoxicologist- Kent & London

Homeopathic Doctor, Registered Naturopath & Homotoxicologist- Kent & LondonHomeopathic Doctor, Registered Naturopath & Homotoxicologist- Kent & London

Research in Homeopathy & Homotoxicology


Homeopathy helpful in acute otitis media

 Pain control was achieved in 39% of the patients after 6 h, another 33% after 12 h.  This resolution rate is 2.4 times faster than in placebo controls.  There were no complications observed in the study group, and compared to  conventional treatment the approach was 14% cheaper. 

Traumeel in Inflammation

Homeopathic Traumeel® S represents an appealing and well-tolerated alternative to NSAIDs for symptomatic treatment of epicondylitis.

Homoeopathy ameliorating intestinal inflammation

 Homoeopathic Guna products restores intestinal barrier function during experimental  intestinal inflammation in association with reduced levels of  proinflammatory cytokines, increased interleukin-10 plasma  concentrations and a tight junction architecture restoration. 

 Obtained results may contribute to modelling an interesting strategy for  the treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. 

Homoeopathy reduces risk of flu

The use of homeopathic medicines minimized the number of flu and acute  respiratory infection symptomatic episodes in children, signalizing that  the homeopathic prophylactic potential should be investigated in  further studies. 

Could this be the science that homeopathy needs to reflect cell influence and validity?

The Fourth Stage of water – by Gerald Pollack

Gerald discusses the findings, behaviour and significance to this fourth phase of water called EZ (exclusion zone) water.

Additional Health Related Topics


Heavy Metals

With our current pollution crisis, I am seeing more and more people who are being seriously compromised by their exposure to these sadly COMMON heavy metals.

The 'Naughty' side of Birth Control

Despite the very many side effects associated with OCP's, "Contraceptive use in the UK was higher than the European average in 2015 at 81.3 percent compared to 69.2 percent in Europe."                          

Everyone on statins should be on CoQ10

According to the British Journal of General Practice, "Under the 2014 NICE guidelines, 11.8 million (37%) adults in England  aged 30–84 years, including almost all males >60 years and all females  >75 years, require statin therapy."